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Hybrid Car Service and Repair
With each passing year, Hybrids become more popular, but few auto repair shops are keeping up with advances in hybrid car technology.

Once limited to small hatchbacks, hybrids today include everything from sedans and SUVs to luxury vehicles. Typically, hybrids combine a conventional internal-combustion engine with an electric motor and onboard batteries.

At Allwine Curry, we realize hybrids are a significant part of the automotive industry’s future, and we’re ready for it. Our technicians are trained in hybrid car technology and familiar with all of the different safety requirements, maintenance standards, and trouble shooting techniques. Hybrids require:

  • Different tires, oil viscosity, and braking systems
  • Different cooling and electrical systems
  • Unique charging and battery requirements

Cost of Maintaining a Hybrid Vehicle
The good news is, with regular maintenance, the cost of maintaining a hybrid vehicle is largely the same as regular auto maintenance. Electric motors and battery packs are generally long-lasting components, and because they share regular wear and tear with the hybrid’s traditional engine, that engine can last longer with fewer problems.

For hybrids with regenerative braking, less stress on the regular friction brakes means longer life for brake pads and shoes.

An eco-friendly choice, hybrid vehicles are becoming more competitive in the general auto market, and Allwine Curry is a step ahead in helping you maintain your hybrid today. Contact Allwine Curry today for more information.
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